Discovery Channel × TOYO TIRES Technology

Discovery Channel × TOYO TIRES Technology

TOYO TIRES’ revolutionary technology is covered in 3 episodes of the “Beyond Future” series on the Discovery Channel, the largest documentary broadcast network in the world.

Nano Balance Technology

Being the essential material of tires, TOYO TIRES’ rubber has a technologically unique and exclusive design on a nano level (1 nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter). Our rubber is derived through simulation, function creation, precision control and research. That is Nano Balance Technology from Toyo Tires.


AI technologies are used in our design and support as a platform to develop innovative tires with even higher speed and more functions.

Advanced Tire Operation Module

It is Toyo Tires proprietary innovative tire manufacturing technology.
This is a new production method to manufacture required parts and materials for tires. Thin strips of rubber are extruded and wound onto a rotating building drum.


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