Message From the President

A proud member of a corporate group bearing the word “tire” in its name, we at the Toyo Tire Group remain committed to supporting and enriching the mobility society through our business undertakings.

About 15 years ago, our innovative tire manufacturing technology, which was developed under a novel concept, gave birth to a new tire for large vehicles in the United States. Tough yet aggressively designed, this proprietary tire came to be in response to a latent need in the market. Hitting the bullseye of American desires, the large-diameter tire kindled the passion of car enthusiasts.
I am delighted to say that “TOYO TIRES” and “NITTO” have become first-choice brands of tires for full-scale large SUVs, vehicles that have set the trend in North America. These two brands are now an integral part of car culture in the United States.
Since it began operations in 2005, our U.S. plant has continuously expanded and ramped up its production capacity over five phases, with the result that our North American business has grown to be the main source of revenue for the Group.

We know that the Toyo Tire Group cannot take advantage of scale. Rather, our management teams, past and present, have been able to sustain business growth by capitalizing on our relatively small size to act flexibly and with agility and to “leverage our unique strengths.” We intend to create a growth spiral and move up it by seeking ways to put the resources available to us to optimal use.
Our growth spiral starts by further strengthening distinctive areas of specialty. What this means is to keep appropriately investing in projects that allow us to tap into our strengths and to harvest the fruits of past endeavors. At the same time, we will set about addressing challenges that have hitherto not been adequately addressed, find solutions to and overcome each of them, and, as a result, further enhance our strengths. Having formulated them into policies, we are going to move up to the next corporate stage.

Our goal is to become a corporate group that is needed by society and has a unique presence. To this end, we will not only deliver attractive products in a timely manner throughout the globe by staying half a step or one step ahead of the market needs, but we will also work to bring about the new mobility society of the future by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, thereby contributing to the promotion and progress of the automobile industry and the revitalization of a flourishing car culture. Furthermore, we will also put our energy into solving social issues such as environmental degradation and human rights, by being mindful of and contributing to the establishment of a sound value chain.

I ask for your continued expectations and patronage for the Toyo Tire Group.

January 2021