ESG Data/Survey Index


Climate Change Recognition of climate change
The impact of climate change risks and opportunities
Climate-related risk management
Energy use policy
Board oversight of climate change
Short term (up to 5 years) GHG emissions reduction targets
Long term (more than 5 years) GHG emissions reduction targets *Under consideration
Climate related scenario analysis *Under analysis
Costs associated with climate change
Investment in R&D on climate change
Results measured against previously set and disclosed targets to reduce operational GHG emissions
Intensity of operational GHG emissions
Three years of total operational GHG emissions data (Scope 1 & 2)
Three years of total energy consumption data
Pollution & Resources Pollution policy
Waste policy
Resource use policy
Percentage of sites covered by recognised environmental management systems such as ISO14001 or EMAS
LCA (LifeCycle Analysis) in product
Target to reduce or avoid waste
Target to reduce or avoid pollution by hazardous waste
Progress against previously set targets to reduce or avoid waste
Progress against previously set targets to reduce or avoid pollution by hazardous waste
Progress against previously set targets to reduce or avoid pollution by hazardous waste
Three years of raw material used
Costs associated with Resource recycling
Three years of NOx emissions
Three years of SOx emissions
Three years of hazardous waste
Three years of non-recycled waste
Three years of waste recycled
Total costs of environmental fines and penalties during financial year
Water Use Policy on water use reduction
Risk assessment regarding water issues in water stressed locations
Actions taken to reduce water use
Three years of water (effluent) discharge
Three years of total water use


Health & Safety Health and safety policy
Board oversight of health and safety
Risk Assessment carried out regarding health and safety
Employee involvement in health and safety improvements
Performance monitoring and management of health and safety, demonstrated
Sites with certified by safety and health management system *for example, OHSAS 18001 certification
Number of staff trained on health and safety standards within the last year
Lost-time incident rate, over last 3 years
Human Rights & Community Support for international documents *for example, UN International Bill of Rights, UDHR
Policy supporting the community addressing *Community investments policy
Achievements or benefits of community investments
Human rights impact or risk assessment
Grievance mechanisms in place for individuals and communities impacted by business activities
Engagement and involvement with charitable partners
Donations/community investments made to registered not-for-profit organisations
Labour Standards In relation to the prevention of child labour
In relation to the prevention of forced labour
In relation to non-discrimination
Policy addressing the elimination of excessive working hours
Communicating company policy on labour standards globally to employees
Employee personal development training to enhance abilities or individual skills
Percentage of employees that are contractors or temporary staff
Amount of time spent on employee development training to enhance knowledge or individual skills, using


Anti-Corruption Bribery Policy
Anti-corruption Policy
Confidential or anonymous whistle-blowing mechanism for staff
Communication and training of anti-corruption policy to all employees
Corruption risk assessment for company operations
Corporate Governance Details about Directors
Number of Board Directors
Number of independent Directors on the board
Board addresses conflicts of interest
Periodic evaluation of board effectiveness
Board Committees
Number of times the board/each committee have/has met per annum
The attendance rate for some individual board/committee members, or average attendance rates
Executive remuneration
Fees paid to the auditor
Annual General Meeting: Number of days between the date of notice and date of meeting *Japanese only
Shareholders have the right to vote on executive remuneration *Japanese only
Results of exercise of voting rights
Financial expertise on the Audit & Supervisory Board *Japanese only
Tax Transparency A policy of tax compliance
Corporation tax paid globally
Risk Management Senior responsibility for risk *Crisis Management Committee
Reference is made to external standards to reporting transparency *using standards such as GRI
Board specifically oversees ESG risks
The company has a corporate-wide approach to non-compliance
Periodically reviews the effectiveness of its Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics
There is a confidential or anonymous whistle-blowing or equivalent mechanism to notify breaches of company codes or policies
The company prepares for major ESG catastrophic events and incidents