Tire Business

The manufacture and sale of tires is the core business of Toyo Tire, accounting for approximately 90% of total sales. We make tire products for passenger vehicles, light trucks such as SUVs and pickup trucks as well as trucks and buses.
We are expanding TOYO TIRES and NITTO brands to the global market.


TOYO TIRES is a globally trusted brand with a sophisticated taste backed by advanced technology. Featuring a full product lineup, this brand promotes ideal driving.
Our “OPEN COUNTRY” series of tires for SUVs and pickup trucks has carved out a unique position in North America, particularly in the United States. Its popularity is not limited to North America, but it is also popular in Japan, especially among users who are interested in outdoor activities. In addition, our “PROXES” brand of tires, which delivers high performance, has been globally acclaimed. We also market other tires conceived as specialist products, such as our fuel efficient “NANOENERGY” tires, “TRANPATH” tires, which we conceived as specialist tires, and “OBSERVE” studless tires for winter.
In addition, we proactively launch products to fit customers’ needs, such as focusing efforts on the sale of “CELSIUS” all-season tires that are capable of handling snowy road surfaces.
For small trucks, we developed the DELVEX small-truck brand tire, which delivers improved wear performance and maintainability.


The NITTO brand combines freedom, innovation and creativity in response to the product demands of car enthusiasts as our motto states. With customer voice and in-depth analysis, we predict market needs, constantly create trends, and have gained an overwhelming reputation in niche markets.
In addition to garnering endorsement from avid car fans in the North American niche market, who favor customizing a car’s appearance, known as “dressing up,” and performance, known as “tuning,” NITTO proactively markets tires for light trucks and ultra-high performance tires in Central and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

We are building a global production and sales infrastructure in Japan and throughout the world.

Toyo Tire manufactures tires in five countries: Japan, the US, China, Malaysia, and Serbia, we have begun building a global tire sales and supply infrastructure through such initiatives as establishing sales subsidiaries in critical markets in North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.
In the U.S., the biggest tire plant in Toyo Tire Group, TOYO TIRE NORTH AMERICA MANUFACTURING INC., started operation of the second step of Phase V of the production capacity expansion in August 2021.
At TOYO TYRE MALAYSIA SDN BHD in Malaysia, serves as a global hub supplying markets around the world, including not only Southeast Asia but also North America, Europe, and Japan.
In July 2022, TOYO TIRE SERBIA D.O.O., the Company's first tire production site in Europe, operations began in Serbia. The new plant is due to with a capacity of five million tires per annum (based on tires for passenger vehicles) in the second half of 2023.

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