Press Release

Sep. 12, 2005

Presentation of an Essay at "International Conference on Quality (ICQ) '05-Tokyo"

OSAKA, JAPAN – September 12, 2005 -The Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd. (President: Yoshio Kataoka) will present an essay entitled "TOYO New 5S Activities and Enhancing Field Abilities" at the International Conference on Quality (ICQ) '05-Tokyo, the world's biggest international conference on quality, held at Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, for four days from September 13 (Tue.) through 16 (Fri.).

The International Conference on Quality (ICQ) aims at allowing experts and strategists in quality management around the world to gather in one place and exchange information concerning quality management such as the levels of advancement with regard to quality management in each country. The international conference is held in Japan, America, and Europe by rotation once every three years. The International Conference on Quality (ICQ) '05-Tokyo, which is to be held this year under the main theme of "Quality Evolution-Way to Sustainable Growth," consists of special and keynote speeches, and unit sessions to be held under such themes as "Quality Evolution-Way to Sustainable Growth" and "Quality Evolution in Value Chain," at which companies and academic institutes well-known for quality management are to make presentations of their essays.

Our company is the only rubber maker and tire maker from Japan which has been selected to make a presentation. Our essay will be presented as shown below at the unit session held under the sub-theme of "Resource Management for Quality Evolution."

Scheduled Period: September 13–16 (Tuesday – Friday)
Place: Keio Plaza Hotel
Participants: 1,000 people (500 people from overseas and 500 people from Japan)
Presentation of Essays: 185 essays (overseas: 114; Japan: 71)
Our Presenter: Mayu Ueno, Corporate Quality Assurance and Environmental
Promotion Division
"TOYO New 5S Activities and Enhancing Field Abilities"
Date of Presentation: 14:50 to 15:15, Wednesday, September 14



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