Press Release

Jun. 28, 2012

Toyo Tires to Launch Sales in Thailand of Anti-Vibration Rubber for Automobiles

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (Kenji Nakakura, President) will start sales of anti-vibration rubber for automobiles in Thailand beginning in November 2012, with an aim toward further growth and expansion of Toyo Tire’s automotive parts business in the Diver-Tech Business Segment.

Anti-vibration rubber for automobiles is positioned as the core product for Toyo Tires’ automotive parts business. In order to provide an optimal supply structure for delivering products to automotive manufacturers and meet their demand on a timely basis, Toyo Tires has established not only three production points for anti-vibration rubber in Japan but also four production basis in overseas such as in the United States.

In recent years, automobile manufacturers have been increasing their production volume in the Asia region, in response to increased demand for cars in Asia. Moreover, Thailand is now emerging as a major automobile producing nation in South East Asia. Toyo Tires has worked on supplying for anti-vibration rubber for automobiles there in this time and will start to sales them from our facility, Toyo Rubber Chemical Products (Thailand) Limited (Yasunori Fujita, President; hereinafter “TCT”), from November 2012.

Toyo Tires has cited the expansion of automotive parts business as one of the strategies for the Divertech business in the Mid-Term Business Plan 2011. Through flexible and effective use of the company’s business resources, Toyo Tires will work toward strategic business expansion in the growth market, and aim to further increase profitability in the Divertech business segment.

【TCT company outline】

1. Company Name : Toyo Rubber Chemical Products (Thailand) Limited
(100% Toyo Tire Group investment)
2. President / CEO : Yasunori Fujita
3. Location : Wang Noi City, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand
4. Date Established : December 2011
5. Nature of Business : Manufacture and Sales of OA Equipment Parts






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