Press Release

Sep. 18, 2014

Toyo Tires to Exhibit at “InnoTrans 2014” Rail Transport Technology Trade Fair

Osaka, Japan - 18 September, 2014 -Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (Akira Nobuki, president) announces that Toyo Chemical Industrial Products, Co. Ltd. (Katsumi Fujimaki, president), a subsidiary of the company’s DiverTech business chemical & industrial products business unit will be an exhibitor at “InnoTrans 2014”, the world’s largest international trade fair for rail transport technology, to be held in Berlin, Germany from September 23 (Tuesday) through 26 (Friday), 2014.

InnoTrans is an international trade show held in alternate years for rail transport suppliers from around the globe to introduce users to the latest products and technologies. Interest in railways as an environmentally friendly, highly energy efficient means of transport has grown worldwide, and the previous InnoTrans 2012 attracted record numbers of exhibitors and attendees alike.

The Toyo Chemical Industrial Products booth will display the company’s air springs and anti-vibration rubber for railway cars while showcasing the company’s high level of technical capability in supporting railway infrastructure.

Toyo Tires has set forth global expansion of its railway parts business as one of the business strategies for its DiverTech business unit in the company’s “Mid-term ’14” mid-term business plan, and in June 2014 began operation of a joint-venture manufacturing base in China. The company will continue to aggressively develop new markets overseas.


【InnoTrans 2014 Overview】

Name :InnoTrans 2014 (International Trade Fair for Transport Technology)
Dates :September 23 (Tuesday) through 26 (Friday), 2014 *Local time
Venue :Messe Berlin


【Toyo Chemical Industrial Products Booth】

Exhibit location :Hall 9; Stand No.701

*The exhibit booth will be shared with European sales partner Gadelius Europe AB.

【Main Features of the Toyo Chemical Industrial Products Booth】
■Air springs for railway cars
The exhibit will feature actual samples of the company’s highly valued and proven products, including the two types of air springs (conical stopper air springs and half-hour glass stopper air springs) used by most European rail operators.

Air springs for railway cars are structural parts that link together the car body and bogie by containing compressed air and generating spring action. They function to suppress car vibration and smoothly combine and guide the movement of the car body and bogie. Compared to metallic springs, air springs that use rubber have advantages that include “soft springs,” “superior noise reduction,” and “ability to utilize air damping force,” and are used in railway cars both in Japan and abroad in bullet trains, conventional railway lines and subways.

■Anti-vibration rubber for railway cars
The exhibit booth will showcase conical springs and shock-absorbing rubber that represent Toyo’s anti-vibration rubber for railway cars.

Anti-vibration rubber for railway cars is installed lengthwise on both sides of the axle boxes of bogie. This component prevents vibration from the bogie by enabling gentle up and down motion while restricting right and left and back and forth motion.





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