Press Release

Dec. 25, 2014

Toyo A23 Adopted as Original Equipment Tire for Dodge Journey; First-ever Delivery to FCA US

Osaka, Japan - 25 December, 2014 - Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (Takuji Yamamoto, president) announces that the company’s Toyo A23 tire has been selected as the original equipment tire for FCA US LLC Dodge Journey CUV*, with delivery to begin in November 2014.
This will be the first time that the company’s tire has been used as the original equipment tire on a FCA North American-made vehicle.

Tire size: P225/55R19 99V
*Crossover Utility Vehicle

2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad

The Dodge Journey, America’s most affordable and most versatile crossover, offers the choice of four- or six-cylinder engines, five- or seven-passenger seating and front or all-wheel drive as well as in-seat storage and in-floor storage bins, making the car very popular with users as a multi-purpose CUV.

When mated to the Dodge Journey, the Toyo A23 combines quietness and ride comfort with excellent fuel economy, while also delivering snowy road handling as an all-season tire.

In its new mid-term business plan (Mid-term ’14), Toyo Tires has committed to further bolstering the positioning of its tires for SUVs, CUVs and pickup trucks.



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