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Dec. 19, 2017

Presenting the outlook of Toyo Tires brand & Nitto brand to customers Exhibit at “Tokyo Auto Salon 2018”

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Takashi Shimizu) will showcase tire brands for both Toyo Tires and Nitto at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, held at Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center, Chiba City) over three days, from Friday, January 12, 2018 to Sunday, January 14, 2018.

TOYOTIRES(Toyo Tires Booth: Illustration)

■Toyo Tires
The booth design has been updated from previous years, to show off the Toyo Tires brand, which supports “true performance” in this immersive and vibrant space. From authentic American pickup trucks, to European sports cars made for racing and SUVs, this display is a lineup of vehicles not usually seen in Japan, and will fully showcase the strong and attractive features of the cars.
We will create a space for many people to come in contact with large-diameter tires that are unique to Toyo Tires, which are mounted on these vehicles to fully draw out the performance.

During this period, we have invited global rally driver Ken Block, hero of off-road racing BJ Baldwin, and Masato Kawabata of Team Toyo Tires Drift, who are supported by Toyo Tires, and we plan to hold an interview in talk show format on the stage, as well as a demonstration run.
We have launched a dedicated website:

◇ Display Vehicles at Toyo Tires Booth

 Model   Tires mounted  Tire size 

 MUSTANG (Ken Block) 

 PROXES R888R  295/30ZR18
 TUNDRA (BJ Baldwin)   OPEN COUNTRY MT-R  39×13.5R17
 BMW M2   PROXES Sport   F: 255/35R19
 R: 285/30R19


◇ Display Tires at Toyo Tires Booth

 PROXES Sport    275/35ZR20 (102Y) 
 PROXES Sport SUV  (Not released in Japan)   285/35R22 106Y
 PROXES CF2 SUV  225/55R19 99V
 PROXES C1S SPEC-a  245/40R19 98W
 PROXES R888R  285/35ZR20 (100Y)
 PROXES RR (Not released in Japan)  295/30R19
 OPEN COUNTRY M/T (Not released in Japan)  37X1350R20 127Q
 OPEN COUNTRY A/T+   285/50R20 112H
 OPEN COUNTRY R/T  37X1350R20 127Q
 OPEN COUNTRY U/T (Not released in Japan)  285/60R18 116H


We will display vehicles that will compete in the rigorous American off-road race running over rough roads (King of the Hammers, KOH), as well as vehicles such as “the Dodge Challenger”, featured in the film “The Fast and The Furious”, that calls to mind the unique features of the American car.
We will also present “Invo”, the leading example of Nitto brand’s Luxury Sport Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire that achieves both ride comfort and quietness, “Terra Grappler”, a large-diameter tire for SUVs that performs in wet and dry conditions in all weather conditions over various terrains, as well as those which were released in the Japan market of February this year, such as the UHP tire “NT555 G2” and SUV tire “NT421Q”, all of which reflect the rugged yet luxurious world of Nitto.

Nitto focuses on the North American market, and it is evaluated as a high-quality tire brand that combines an inventive and cool pattern design with the advanced technologies of Toyo Tire & Rubber. In the Japan market, we also offer many tire product lines for SUVs, luxury sport UHP, and comfort.

NITTO(Nitto booth: Illustration)

◇ Display Vehicles at Nitto Booth

Model  Tires mounted  Tire size 
 Vehicle for US off-road racing   TRAIL GRAPPLER
 (Not released in Japan)
 Dodge Challenger   INVO  F: 285/35R19
 R: 345/30R19


◇ Display Tires at Nitto Booth


 265/30ZR22 97W
 345/30ZR19 105Y

 NT555G2  245/35ZR20 95Y
 NEOGEN  245/30ZR20 90W
 NT421Q  315/35R20 110W
 NT420S    295/30R22 103W
 TERRA GRAPPLER  265/50R20 111S 


■ “Tokyo Auto Salon 2018” Overview

 Dates   Friday, January 12, 2018 - Sunday, January 14, 2018 
 Venue  Makuhari Messe, International Exhibition Halls 1-11 & Event Hall
 (Nippon Convention Center/2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-City, Chiba Prefecture)
 Booth  Toyo Tires: Hall 1-127, Nitto: Hall 6-613

For more details about this event, please visit the official site:




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