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Oct. 16, 2018

TOYO TIRES to Update its Website “ACTION FOR CSR”

Hyogo, Japan – 16 October, 2018 – Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (President & CEO : Takashi Shimizu) informed that it has updated website “ACTION FOR CSR,” which summarizes our group’s CSR activities, etc. for fiscal 2017.

Toyo Tires group established its CSR policy in May 2014 with our “Ideal Status in 2020” in mind. Seven Priority Themes were specified under this basic policy to reinforce and enhance collaboration with stakeholders, while striving for CSR management that creates common values for the company and society.

Toyo Tires group reports annually to our stakeholders on our website “ACTION FOR CSR” under each of the seven Priority Themes. There are two points we wish to draw your attention to this year.

The first is our Editorial Policy. Some of the GRI Standards, established by the Global Reporting Initiative and published in 2016, were used as reference. This report addresses activity performance for each of the seven CSR priority themes of the Group to answer questions regarding what impact the Group’s corporate activities are having now and will have in the future on the economy, environment, and society. Items that could have a substantial impact on the evaluation and decision making of stakeholders, have been positioned as material aspects (materiality) and are reported on as Topics.

The second point concerns a progress report on promoting sustainability.
As an effort to aim for our sustainability, we report on;
・The current impacts on stakeholders by our group,
・ Our recognition of possible risks and opportunities from future business growth and external environment events,
 The process of extracting issues that should be addressed with priority, and
・ An activity promotion system - establishment of working groups (WGs) regarding four issues that require
 organizational activity promotion (SDGs, the environment, human rights/labor, supply chain).

For example, we recognize that achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) is also an important management issue for our group’s sustainability. And through WGs, we are discussing about the Goals that will bring about growth in both society and our group while contributing to solving issues by our group.
We will continue to proactively inform stakeholders about our group’s sustainability activities via our website. We strive to improve quality and reliability of information disclosure while considering the accuracy and clarity of the reported details with reference to international guidelines so that stakeholders can correctly evaluate the Group’s corporate activities.
■Main composition of the “ACTION FOR CSR”

1. Message from the President
Takashi Shimizu, President of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. expresses his determination to fulfill our responsibility as a global company while respecting international standards to establish a sound and sustainable mobility society by positioning issues related to the environment (E), society (S), and governance (G) as managerial priorities to be tackled proactively.

2. CSR Policy
Reports on the promotion of our group’s sustainability following the establishment of the CSR policy.

3. Toyo Tires Group Priority Themes and Value Chain
Explains the risks and opportunities that can be considered through the expected phenomenon as an external environment and future business growth for our group’s business activities (value chain) per core theme.

4. Priority Theme 1 – 7 *CSR Activities
Explains management methods (priorities and their reasons, policies to resolve issues, goals, responsibilities, promotion system) for each of the seven core themes, and reports on activity results based on management.

5. Presentation
The Group reports on its CSR activities in both Japanese and English, and these reports are available as a website version and pamphlet version* (PDF version)
*The pamphlet version is Japanese only.

〈Website report page〉

〈Pamphlet version (PDF version) download page〉

〈”GRI Content Index” page〉






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