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Jan. 11, 2019

To Achieve Sustainability of Natural Rubber and Other Raw Materials CSR Procurement Guidelines Revised

Hyogo, Japan – Month date, 2018 – Toyo Tire Corporation (HQ: Itami, Hyogo, Japan; President: Takashi Shimizu) has revised its CSR Procurement Guidelines by adding a new “Sustainable Natural Rubber Procurement Policy.”

TOYO TIRE group’s CSR Procurement Guidelines have been in place since 2014 and have promoted CSR procurement in cooperation with business partners. These guidelines are revised periodically based on the demands of society and changes in the business environment. This revision adds a new policy to strive for the sustainable procurement of mainly natural rubber as well as other raw materials used in rubber products, which include tires and automotive anti-vibration rubber.
The purpose of this revision is to promote responsible procurement that supports the development of a sustainable society by taking on social issues such as human rights, labor, and the environment over the entire supply chain.
We use natural rubber, which is expected to increase in demand based on the global economic growth forecast, as mainly raw material. So, we recognize the sustainable natural rubber procurement as an important management issue.
Since 2016, Toyo Tire Corporation has participated in Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiatives (SNR-i)*1 and worked toward achieving a sustainable natural rubber economy. Furthermore, in October of last year, the company announced its participation in the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR)*2.
The new policy respects the Sustainable Natural Rubber Principles in the GPSNR. Through the platform’s activities, we will continue to build a sustainable natural rubber supply chain with the cooperation of stakeholders.
(*For details, see

*1 Established by the International Rubber Study Group (an intergovernmental organization composed of the governments of countries that produce and consume natural rubber and synthetic rubber). This organization aims to make natural rubber into a sustainable resource by supporting the improvement of productivity, improving the quality of natural rubber, supporting the sustainability of forests, managing water, and placing importance on human rights and labor rights.
*2 Established by the Tire Industry Project’s Sustainable Natural Rubber Working Group in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. (establishment announced in 2018 and operations will begin from 2019) The council works with a wide range of stakeholders in the natural rubber supply chain to create and promote the Sustainable Natural Rubber Principles in order to achieve sustainable natural rubber.




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