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Jul. 31, 2019

TOYO TIRES to Update its Website “ACTION FOR CSR”

Hyogo, Japan – July 31, 2019 – Toyo Tire Corporation (Headquarters: Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture; President & CEO Takashi Shimizu) informed that it has updated website “ACTION FOR CSR,” which summarizes our group’s CSR activities, etc. for fiscal 2018.


TOYO TIRES basic policy for CSR activities was set in 2014 as “for the Toyo Tire Group seeks to remain a company admired by individuals and society, each member keenly aware of their “Connection” with society.” CSR activities have been concentrated on seven “priority themes,” and the group is engaged in efforts to achieve these respective goals as illustrations of its “Ideal Status in 2020.”

Furthermore, in awareness of the necessity of measures to address new social issues and accelerating changes in the business environment, the Toyo Tire Group extracted four issues which must be prioritized in efforts seeking sustainability for future growth in 2017. These priority issues are the “supply chain,” “environment,” “human rights and labor,” and “the SDGs.” Since 2018, working groups (WGs for promoting sustainability) have been established for each issue, and managers and representatives for relevant business groups gather to coordinate and consider cross-organizationally for domestic and Japanese group companies.

Toyo Tire Group enhances the quality of information disclosure of CSR activities on our corporate site “ACTION FOR CSR” in order to gain understanding from a higher number of stakeholders.
In the “ACTION FOR CSR” updated in this year, in addition to explaining in detail the group’s SDGs that aim to contribute to the mobility society on a global level, the activities of each organization for sustainability are introduced, such as technological innovation to create opportunities, development of global policies to avoid risk, etc.
Among others, “TOYO TIRE’s SDGs” is what we would like you to pay special attention. Through the activities of all WGs for promoting sustainability in fiscal 2018, We have considered the “TOYO TIRE’s SDGs.” And in parallel, we have organizated of risks and opportunities relating to climate change impact, established of global policy on human rights & labor and on anti-corruption, and revised to Group CSR Procurement Guidelines, including guideline for sustainable procurement of natural rubber.
We set 14 sustainable development goals (SDGs) after repeated discussions and announced these in March 2019. The website presents the concepts for our SDGs, as well as their relationship to value chain risks and opportunities, and shows the “Ideal Status in 2030” the group aspires to.

We strive to improve both quality and reliability while considering the accuracy and clarity of the reported details with reference to international guidelines in order to correctly assess our group’s corporate activities regarding information disclosure.

■Report Media
Our group reports on CSR activities in Japanese and English via such media as the Web and booklets (PDF). The booklet (PDF) presents an activity outline, with details reported on the Web.

① PDF Booklet (English, total of 36 pages)
PDF Booklet data can be downloaded from the website below.

Primary Content Components of the PDF Booklet “CSR Report 2019”
1. TOYO TIRE Business Impact
Just how much impact our group’s corporate activities have on the economy, environment, and society, is explained.

2. Message from the President
Company Representative Director and President Takashi Shimizu expresses his determination to fulfill our responsibility as a global company while respecting international standards with the SDGs foremost, to establish a sound and sustainable mobility society by positioning issues related to the environment (E), society (S), and governance (G) as managerial priorities to be tackled proactively.
3. CSR Policy
Reports on the promotion of our group’s sustainability and shareholders with priority positioning following the establishment of the CSR policy.

4. TOYO TIRE’s SDGs and Value Chain
Explains the risks and opportunities that can be considered through the expected phenomenon as an external environment and future business growth for our group’s business activities (value chain) per core theme, and shows relationships with the group’s SDGs.

5. CSR Activity Report
Explains management methods (priorities and their reasons, policies to resolve issues, goals, and responsibilities) for each of the seven core themes, and reports on activity results based on management.

② “ACTION FOR CSR” (English) on our corporate site



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