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Mar. 30, 2020

Debuting a New Corporate Visual for TOYO TIRES Brand

Hyogo, Japan - March 30, 2020 - Toyo Tire Corporation (Headquarters: Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture; President & CEO: Takashi Shimizu; hereinafter, “Toyo Tire”) announced that its new corporate visual capturing the world perspective and messages of the TOYO TIRES brand will debut on its website and advertising from Wednesday, April 1, 2020 and onward.


Captured images (samples)

A landscape awash in stunning sky and ocean blues is sure to evoke a liberating, refreshing sensation in the minds of the many.
Toyo Tire’s new brand statement formulated in June last year, “Open Roads Await,” expresses the frontier spirit of the Toyo Tire Group, paving new roads where none previously existed. The new corporate visual also reflects the Group’s “challenging spirit,” unleashing a yearning to reach for the blue-tinted infinity, and beyond.

The color of the TOYO TIRES brand is blue, and our brand identity stems from this color. The rationale behind this new corporate visual is, by reflecting ourselves in the color “blue,” we  returned to where we started, reexamined ourselves, and reaffirmed our vision. We deliver this message to everyone through videos, music, and prose.

In a boxing ring, the blue corner is for the challenger’s side, and a blue flame burns hotter than a red one. In this visual, we deliberately superimposed the emotional scene of “human’s innermost passion is burning like a blue flame” onto the goal of the TOYO TIRES brand. Through this visual, we will send out our message that the TOYO TIRES brand supports everyone who gives their all in pursuing the path they have chosen, and that we will lend them our strength as we run alongside them.

This new corporate visual will be globally released on our website and digital advertising, with the key phrase “Ignite your BLUE” being translated into 12 different languages.

◇ Video
 Global version (30 sec.): Open Roads Await - Ignite your BLUE -

◇ Music
 Words/Music: Flynn Hudson
 Sung by: Flynn Hudson feat. Simon Alexander
 Produced by: Christian Mix-Linzer, Anna Murakami
 Title:  Ignite Your Blue
     A full-length version of the song will be distributed on Toyo Tire’s corporate film special site  and the leading digital music service Spotify.

◇ “Ignite your BLUE” corporate film special site
 Global page:

◇ Key visual / Corporate website
 Text on Top Page of our corporate website will be renewed by using the key visual and phrase of “Ignite your BLUE” to increase exposure of our new visual.



             Key visual                                 Corporate website top page



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