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Jul. 28, 2020

TOYO TIRE to Update its Website “ACTION FOR CSR” in 2020

Hyogo, Japan – July 31, 2020 – Toyo Tire Corporation (Headquarters: Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture; President & CEO: Takashi Shimizu; hereinafter, “Toyo Tire”) informed that it has updated website “ACTION FOR CSR,” which summarizes our group’s CSR activities, etc. for fiscal 2019.


In 2014, the Toyo Tire Group established its basic policy for CSR activities in which it states, “Toyo Tire seeks to remain a company admired by individuals and society, each member keenly aware of their “Connection” with society.” As a mobility company, we have established seven priority themes for the CSR activities we will undertake and are working toward achieving these themes.
In addition, in March 2019, we set our own TOYO TIRE’s SDGs. We announced 14 goals which we aim to realize to attain sustainable development goals. This explains the correlation between group views on SDGs and value chain risks and opportunities, and indicates the Ideal Status in 2030, which we are aiming to reach.

Toyo Tire enhances the information disclosed each year and issues a report, so that more stakeholders will gain an understanding of the CSR activities the Toyo Tire Group is engaging in.
CSR Report 2020, which will be released this year, explains in detail TOYO TIRE’s SDGs, which are being deployed globally, and also offers an in-depth introduction of the activities being carried out by each corporate organization to achieve a sustainable mobility society.
From among the activities the Toyo Tire Group is implementing, the CSR Report 2020 aims to deepen stakeholder understanding of those initiatives, which are taken up as TOPICS, that we believe will have a major impact on society in particular, and their connection to SDGs. To this end, we have put the UNSDGs icon (17 goals) of the applicable goal alongside our own SDGs to make it easy to visibly understand that the corporate activities of our group are contributing to the achievement of SDGs. In addition, from the data on environmental impact that accompanies the corporate activities of the group, data related to CO2 emissions and water risks that impact climate change has been verified by a third party.

For information disclosure, we are referencing international guidelines (GRI standards), so that stakeholders can correctly assess the Group’s corporate activities. We take into account various factors, including comprehensibility and are working to ensure the accuracy of the content of report, including third-party verification of data and an improvement in quality and credibility.


■Main composition of the CSR Report 2020
1. TOYO TIRE Business Impact
This explains the degree of impact the corporate activities of the Toyo Tire Group have on economies, the environment and society.

2. Message from the President
President & CEO Takashi Shimizu reflects on the previous business year in which major direction was provided to promote sustainability. In addition, he will explain the company’s determination to achieve its responsibility as a global company by actively undertaking initiatives as a whole group to achieve the TOYO TIRE’s SDGs over the next decade.
3. CSR Policy
This section reports on movements by the Toyo Tire Group to promote sustainability following the establishment of the CSR policy and on stakeholders which we position as a valuable asset.

4. TOYO TIRE’s Value Chain and SDGs
In this section, we explain the potential risks and opportunities of each priority theme based on forecast events involving future business growth and the external environment which impact the business activities (value chain) of the Toyo Tire Group. We also indicate the connection with the TOYO TIRE’s SDGs.

5. CSR Activities Report
We explain the management methods, priority issues and reasons, policy for problem-solving, goals and responsibilities, for each of the seven priority themes, and report on the results of activities conducted in accordance with management.

■Report media
The Toyo Tire Group publishes a report, in English and Japanese, which summarizes its CSR activities.

Toyo Tire corporate website “ACTION FOR CSR”

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