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Apr. 15, 2021

(Information) TOYO TIRES Participates in the 2021 D1GP Series

Hyogo, Japan – April 15, 2021 – Toyo Tire Corporation will be participating in the “2021 D1 Grand Prix Series (D1GP),” a drift competition opening at the Okuibuki Motorpark on Saturday, April 24, 2021.


(Hideyuki Fujino’s machine, Toyota 86: image)
                                 (Hideyuki Fujino’s machine, Toyota 86: image)

TOYO TIRE has formed its own team, “Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT” to compete in the D1GP from 2007 and has won the multiple championships until now. For the 2021 D1GP series, we invite Masato Kawabata and Hideyuki Fujino as our team drivers. The drivers and Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT crews will battle hard throughout the planned 10-stage series and try to win another championship.
Continuing from last year, Kawabata will race in the TOYOTA GR Supra, which has a design that emphasizes our brand color, blue. Fujino will renew the machine with the meaning of future development of D1GP and challenge to himself, and will participate in the TOYOTA 86, which also emphasizes blue.

TOYO TIRE is also providing tire support to the teams that is expecting an outstanding performance at D1GP; Yukio Matsui (Team RE Amemiya K&N), and Hokuto Matsuyama (FAT FIVE RACING), a test driver working for Toyota Motor Corporation. In addition, we provide tire support for Masataka Kawashima (a driver for Team M2 Racing). He won the D1 Lights for the first time in 2019, which is the lower category of the D1GP, and in 2021 will participate in the D1GP. His challenge attracts attention.

We will deliver the participation on activity report to our D1GP full of topics this year, so please look forward to it.

*: Drift Competition
A motor competition in which drivers cause the racecar’s wheels to slide, and the outcome is determined based on sliding technique, visual quality of driving, and performance delivered to the crowd. Drift drivers perform at a level that exceeds the limits of normal driving and racing, cutting their steering wheels in the opposite direction the car is turning in order to control their cars with an unparalleled level of balance. Compared to other motorsport races and rally competitions, the outcome is determined much more by the skill of the drivers than the performance of the machines.


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■ Team TOYO TIRES Drift Drivers

(From left to right: Masato Kawabata, Hideyuki Fujino)
                                 (From left to right: Masato Kawabata, Hideyuki Fujino)


■ Tire Support Drivers

(From left to right: Yukio Matsui, Hokuto Matsuyama, and Masataka Kawashima)
         (From left to right: Yukio Matsui, Hokuto Matsuyama, and Masataka Kawashima)


■2021 D1 Grand Prix Series (scheduled)

Date  Round No. Locations
Apr. 24 (Sat) & Apr.25 (Sun) Round 1 & 2  Okuibuki Motorpark, Shiga
Jun. 26 (Sat) & Jun. 27 (Sun) Round 3 & 4  Tsukuba Circuit, Ibaraki
Aug. 21 (Sat) & Aug 22 (Sun) Round 5 & 6 Ebisu Circuit, Fukushima
Oct. 2 (Sat) & Oct. 3 (Sun)  Round 7 & 8 Okuibuki Motorpark, Shiga
Oct. 30 (Sat) & Oct. 31 (Sun) Round 9 & 10  Autopolis, Oita




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