Toyo Tire Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Toyo Tire Group Charter of Corporate Behavior sets forth the basic principles to guide its activities in fulfilling its social responsibility as a corporate group.

The Toyo Tire Group pledges to act with integrity in pursuing its business activities toward realizing a sustainable society by observing the following 12 principles.

Being fully conscious of the changing environment that surrounds businesses and heightening public expectations of business enterprises, we, as a corporate group, will work proactively toward realizing sustainable growth and addressing current social issues.


  1. We comply with laws, regulations, standards and internal rules, and we are committed to acting responsibly as members of the international community.
  2. We conduct business activities in conformance with the principles of free competition, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement.
  3. We will maintain sound and highly transparent relationships with governments and administrative authorities.
  4. Under the leadership of top management, we will establish and operate a governance system that ensures effective and transparent management of our business affairs.


  1. We will create an internal environment that allows for innovation, and provide products and services of high quality and safety that contribute to the development of a sustainable society.


  1. We will ensure safe, healthy and rewarding work environments for all of our employees.
  2. We will respect each other’s diversity, character and personality so that all employees can realize their full potential in the workplace.


  1. Recognizing that business corporations have a responsibility to protect the global environment, we will conduct our business activities in a manner that balances corporate growth with environmental protection.


  1. We communicate with stakeholders in an open, fair and honest manner.
  2. We will contribute to development of local economies and communities based on relationships of trust with various stakeholders.
  3. Understanding that business corporations are responsible for respecting human rights, we protect the dignity of people and respect local cultures and customs in managing our business.
  4. We will build a resilient system capable of responding promptly to crisis events that threaten the survival of a sustainable supply chain.