Support for Educating and Developing the Next-Generation Children

Raising the Bar of Career Training

We believe that the development of human resources who will underpin the sustainable prosperity of the auto industry is crucial to ensure business continuity and societal enrichment through mobility. It is out of this belief that we began supporting "Jonetsu Kyoshitsu (Class of Passion)," which is sponsored by the Kansai Career Education Support Council*, in 2013, by using the Toyo Tire Group's resources to organize career talks to enhance students' interest in manufacturing and help them to develop a career view from a young age.
In fiscal 2020, we connected our office and schools for the first time to hold online classes for 46 eighth-graders. With classroom infection control practices in place, students were given quizzes and group work assignments using cut samples of tires, while lecturers stressed the importance of being passionate about their work and setting targets in this regard as they talked about their jobs. The students picked up the samples to work on the quizzes and asked lots of questions. The opportunity proved to be excellent for the lecturers, too, as they worked to come up with means of communication in non-face-to-face settings.
We will remain committed to the training of children of the next generation and the sustainable development of the auto industry through communication that incites interest in automobiles and tires as we tap into our resources to take changing social situations in stride.

* An industry-labor organization in Kansai that supports career education at elementary, junior high, and high schools

  • Students taking class remotely Students taking class remotely

Towards the development of the local community

We consider the sound upbringing of children, society’s next generation, as a social issue that must be addressed for the continued development of local communities, and we provide donation to support education and development of the next-generation children.
Since 2013, TOYO TYRE MALAYSIA SND BHD has sponsored a scholarship program for schoolchildren and students who are highly motivated academically but may not have access to a satisfactory learning environment due to economic reasons.
Employees visit each household to conduct interviews and make decisions based on the content.
Since the beginning of the program, they offered a scholarship to 30 undergraduate students at local universities (19 of them earned a bachelor’s degree) and financial assistance to 249 elementary school students in Kamunting and Taiping in the form of the Undergraduate Scholarship Program and the Student Education Assistance Program, respectively.
The total donation amounted to approximately US $ 289,000.
Through the donations to support human resources development, TOYO TIRE will continue to help raise the living standards in the entire community and aid the development of the community as a whole.