Creating Healthy and Comfortable Workplaces

Creating Healthy and Comfortable Workplaces

We consider employee health management from a business perspective and support the idea of strategically conducting health management.
We do not currently operate in countries and regions with particularly high risks of infectious diseases, but at all business sites, there are thought to be risks related to issues such as major illnesses due to diabetes and stress. Therefore, in conjunction with data health* undertaken by the health insurance society, we analyze data on the diseases and health status of our Group employees by region and business site and compare the results with that of other companies in the same industry to identify the characteristics and problems of our Group. We then examine countermeasures.
We are also reinforcing our preventive measures for mental health issues that are the main cause of long-term absences.

  • *This refers to analyzing data, such as that on medical treatment bills, and using the results to improve the health of members.

Furthermore, we are working to reduce the number of people on long-term sickness leave.
For example, we have been promoting early detection and intervention through individual guidance and consultation in cooperation with industrial health staff and EAP* companies. In domestic site, the examination rate of stress check is over 90% every year.
We also provide support for employees on long-term sickness leave to ensure a smooth return to work. We plan to review our return-to-work support measures so that we can provide appropriate support for each employee according to their physical and mental condition.

  • *Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Breast Cancer Prevention Seminar for Female Workers

Having hired a public health nurse in 2017, the Tokyo office of Toyo Tire Corporation manages the health of employees in cooperation with an occupational health physician. At this breast cancer prevention seminar for female employees, trial palpations that make use of breast cancer palpation models were conducted in cooperation with the Chiyoda Public Health Center in Tokyo.
We will continue our efforts related to preventive insurance.

Breast Cancer Prevention SeminarBreast Cancer Prevention Seminar