Priority Theme 6: Creating Safe and Healthy Workplaces


  • Global-level worker safety and health management

Stakeholders Affected by Our Activities

Directly: Employees
Indirectly: Local Communities, Shareholders and Investors, Creditors, Business Organizations

Reasons for being Priority Issues

Ensuring safety in business activities is a duty that corporations have to not only the local communities but also all their stakeholders as well. In order prioritize safety in everything that we do, the Toyo Tire Group has positioned the preventing of industrial accidents, promoting the health of workers, and creating and continuing to manage a comfortable work environment as issues that should be addressed with priority.


At the Toyo Tire Group, labor and management work together to operate an occupational health and safety management system based on OSHMS Guidelines and promote safety and health throughout the company. These efforts consist primarily of conducting risk assessments and implementing necessary measures based on their results under the leadership of top management.
The Group Safety and Health Committee, a joint labor-management committee, makes decisions regarding annual policies, targets, and plans related to occupational health and safety, which are then approved by the Safety and Environment Committee and implemented. Furthermore, the Group Safety and Health Committee evaluates progress in implementing plans and makes improvements.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Status (in FY2017)

*Manufacturing bases

OSHMS: Domestic 4 sites
Good Safety Company: Domestic 5 sites
OHSAS18001: Oversea 1 site *Marcia
Safety production standardization certification: Oversea 4 sites *China

Fiscal 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Policy (Safety, Disaster prevention, Health)

[Safety] Strengthen the management system based on the safety management system and expand genuine preventive activities. Aim for zero accidents. (Strive to transform the corporate character into one in which workers can work with peace of mind and have it take root.)
[Disaster Prevention] Strive to strengthen disaster prevention and improve preparations for and training to respond to disasters.
[Health] Create and reinforce an occupational health management system, reduce the sickness absenteeism rate, and implement workplace mental health measures.

Ideal Status in 2020

With priority given to safety, promoting the creation of workplaces that ensure well-being and security


The frequency of accidents, lost-time accident rate, number of fires, and several other indicators are used to ascertain the state of occupational health and safety in the workplace, and efforts are made to improve conditions at workplaces.


Corporate Officer of Quality Assurance, Environment & Safety Headquarters

Activity Promotion System


  • *Overseas (at affiliated companies), Promote activities by safety disaster prevention managers and Health managers of each company according to laws and regulations of each country
Toyo Tire Group or one of our group companies belongs to the following trade associations:

Grievance Mechanism

  • Reporting Hotline (Creating an Internal Control System)…Targets: Employees, Business Partners
  • Customer Relations Department…Targets: Customers, Local Communities
  • Inquiry Form (on the Website)…Targets: Customers, Shareholders and Investors, NGOs
  • Labor-Management Council Meetings…Targets: Employees

Main Resources

  • Qualified Person of Safety Assessor* : Domestic 88 people
  • Information Sharing Promoter with HQ *Domestic main manufacturing bases
  • Safety Education and Training Facility: Domestic and Oversea 7 sites
  • Sanitation Supervisor: Domestic 29 people
  • Industrial physic: Domestic 14 people
  • * Employees who possess the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate the safety of machinery and the overall ability to judge its appropriateness.

Activities in 2017