Diversity of Human Resources

Employment Situation

TOYO TIRE is committed to ensuring fair employment practices and treatment of employees across our organization. We are also striving to create workplaces where diverse individuals can fully demonstrate their capabilities, regardless of nationality or gender. In terms of recruiting, we endeavor to secure necessary human resources through various methods - not only new graduate and mid-career recruiting, but also disabled persons and the reemployment of retired employees.

Diversity and equal opportunities

We are developing various personnel systems to empower employees while also conducting career interviews with every employee and drawing up a human resources development plan. We also organize a variety of awareness-raising training sessions, including e-learning on topics such as diversity & inclusion.
A good example of how diversity can be promoted can be found at Toyo Tire Japan Co., Ltd., which has maintained a human resources empowerment committee since 2016. The committee's main goals are the career advancement and empowerment of female employees. Recognizing that it is of equal importance to have supervisors and male employees actively participate in the committee's initiatives and raise their awareness, the committee now involves all employees in its activities. Thanks partly to their aggressive efforts to review job descriptions, job responsibilities, and authorities of female employees to assist their career advancement, more women are holding managerial positions within the Group.
Meanwhile, Toyo Tires Logistics Co., Ltd. continues to offer a workplace environment where employees with mental/developmental disabilities keep a positive outlook for the future and are better motivated to work. To foster mutual understanding in pleasant working conditions, in fiscal 2020, they encouraged their employees to take on new duties that would allow them to harness their special talents, focusing on expanding each employee's potential. Widening the range of work and increasing opportunities to communicate with peers will create a workplace environment where diverse persons with or without disabilities can give full play to their talent and help us to recruit human resources.
Going forward, we will make continued efforts to create a workplace where every employee is given equal opportunities, regardless of their attributes.
We also develop workplaces that encourage everyone, regardless of their gender, to take on challenges, assist them in developing their careers that reflect diverse values and lifestyles, and revitalize workplace communication needed to offer such support. One of the initiatives that we have launched to create a gender-equal workplace environment is the revision of our dress code at the TOYO TIRE Headquarters and other bases/sites to allow male employees to dress in smart casual attire. Also, both male and female employees are paid equally within the Toyo Tire Group in principle.

Work-life balance

To create workplaces where diverse individuals can fully demonstrate their capabilities, we are promoting work-life balance through reforms to how people work. For example, as part of efforts to support employees with family responsibilities, we have established childcare and family-care leave systems, which enable employees to concentrate on raising their children (up to the age of two) or caring for family members (for a maximum of one year). We have also introduced a system to restore expired annual leave, to allow employees to use their unused paid leave granted in the year before last. In the past, allowable reasons for the use of the annual leave restoration system were illness/injury, childcare, family nursing care, and volunteer activities, but hospital visits and hospitalization for infertility treatment have been added to the list, enabling employees to use their expired annual leave to accompany their spouses for infertility treatment.

Our Special Subsidiary Participates
at the Hyogo Disabled Persons Employment Forum 2020
4.質の高い教育をみんなに 8.働きがいも経済成長も

Showa Estate Co., Ltd., our special subsidiary, is fulfilling the Toyo Tire Group's mission of promoting the employment of persons with disabilities. Working closely with our Group companies in Japan, they are making every effort to create a safe and comfortable workplace environment and expand the range of work, in order to ensure that diverse human resources can keep challenging themselves as they tap into their abilities. At present, a total of 34 employees with disabilities are working at various business bases/sites.
The Hyogo Disabled Persons Employment Forum 2020 is a job fair designed to stimulate the employment of persons with disabilities. Partly because it was the first time that this forum was held in our host prefecture of Hyogo, they set up a booth there in the hopes that their participation would stimulate the employment of persons with disabilities. On the day of the event, they walked job-seeking students with disabilities and companies planning to hire persons with disabilities through their business, which ranges from cleaning and managing facilities to supporting tire development. They also introduced other attractive initiatives, such as supporting team leaders in acquiring qualifications to systemically increase the retention rate and organizing business manner workshops to help them to improve their employability.
By including diverse persons in society through the employment of persons with disabilities, they aim to be a company that is indispensable to local communities.

Drawing up a New Personnel System

TOYO In April 2021, Toyo Tire Corporation introduced a new personnel system that it had been considering to recruit and develop human resources who would respond to environmental changes and underpin its sustainable growth and maximize organizational power by a diverse employee mix.
The new personnel system is primarily focused on:

  • ① Strictly basing personnel evaluation and treatment on achievements, such as how well employees match the profile that the company seeks, how well employees fulfill their expected roles, and progress vis-à-vis priority targets of the current year; and
  • ② Developing an institutional base that responds flexibly to various jobs and careers and allows diverse members, be they on specified employment or general employment, to tap into their attributes to make a difference.

We will further forge ahead with our unique corporate culture that nurtures diverse human resources who dare to turn change into opportunities and get things done.

New employee hires (Toyo Tire Corp.) *Full-time employee including mid-career hiring

  • Total: 131
  • Age groups: Under 30 years old; 87.0% /30-50 years old; 12.2% /Over 50 years old: 0.8%
  • Gender*: Male 91.6% /Female 8.4%

Diversity of employees (Toyo Tire Corp.) *Full-time employee

  • Total: 3,725 (+3.6% from the previous year)
  • Age groups: Under 30 years old; 21.3% /30-50 years old; 60.5% /Over 50 years old: 18.2%
  • Gender: Male 93.3% (-0.1 pt from the previous year) /Female 6.7% (+0.1 pt from the previous year)
  • People with disabilities: 34
  • Foreigner**: 21
  • Total number of managers: 835
  • Male-female ratio of managers: Male 95.0% (-0.2 pt from the previous year) /Female 5.0% (+0.2 pt from the previous year)
  • Percentage of Foreign** managers: 0.7% (+0.1pt from the previous year)
  • *Gender-specific data: Refers to data for each biological sex. We do not have quantitative data specific to individual social sexes due to the difficulty in determining them. Our goal is to provide a workplace environment where all the employees are given equal opportunities.
  • ** Data on foreign nationals: Refers to data on foreign nationals as defined in the Nationality Act of Japan

In 2020, Toyo Tire Corporation was certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan (“Kurumin” certification) for satisfying certain requirements, including achievement of targets laid out in the action plan it drew up in accordance with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-generation Children. We will remain committed to supporting employees with small children who wish to pursue their career and raise their children at the same time.

Current Situation of Labor Management Relations

We consider the establishing of constructive dialogues between companies and labor representatives is a way to share information on workplace issues which will lead to solutions to these issues.
For example, having obtained the approval of the Toyo Rubber Labor Union, the sole negotiating organization, Toyo Tire Corporation clearly states terms related to discussions and negotiations with the union in its labor contracts. The Toyo Rubber Labor Union has 3,423 members (as of the end of September 2020). All employees of the Company join the labor union except managers and executives.
In order for labor and management to share information on business issues and hold discussions to achieve our Group’s vision, we hold the Labor-Management Conference on Business Management Measures (six times a year) and Central Conference (once a year), which bring representatives for labor and management together.

Talent Development

We consider our people to be our most important resource to support continued business growth and we are aware of the importance of developing these human resources. In this changing labor environment, we will enhance our education and training, the goals of which are for employees to acquire the skills needed to achieve business management targets.
For example, Toyo Tire Corporation divides its training programs into three categories: “Grade-Specific Training”, “Selective Training”, and “Independent Training”. We created training programs to meet the objectives of these three categories and employees’ grade levels and years of service.
To encourage our employees to work toward their future goals, our Company defined our career development policy. Each department develops career path plan and share it with the rest of the company.
There are regular reviews of an employee’s career development based on career counseling with superiors and subordinates as well as medium-term training plans.
We also provide training for new managers, career design training for employees nearing 40, and transition support seminars for employees who are close to retirement so that employees maintain employment aptitude.
Each company of the Toyo Tire Group is dedicated to developing human resources under the training policy that addresses the challenges with which their business is faced.
At TOYO RUBBER CHEMICAL PRODUCTS (THAILAND) LIMITED, for instance, they offer a broad range of training courses for employees of each rank and job type, such as leadership training for supervisors and internal quality management auditor training, as well as compliance training for all employees, and training on work efficiency enhancement through teamwork.

FY2020 Training(Toyo Tire Corp.)

Stratified Training
Courses Eligibility Hours Max. number of participants
New Recruit Training New recruits 16 hours + 28 hours of e-learning 37
Follow-up Training 1st-year employees 14 hours 36
Brush-up Training 2nd-year employees 16 hours 34
Logical Thinking Training Anyone 14 hours 45
Presentation Training Anyone 7 hours 30
Assistant Manager Candidate Training Assistant Manager candidates 36 hours + 115 hours of e-learning 47
New Manager Training New Managers 16 hours + 110 hours of e-learning 41
New General Manager / Representative Training New General Managers and Representatives 17 hours 10
New Section Leader / Assistant Supervisor Training New Section Leaders and Assistant Supervisors 8 hours 31
New Supervisor Training New Supervisors 8 hours 23
  • Training on the web