Respect for Human Rights

Fulfilling Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

At the Toyo Tire Group, overseas operations account for the majority of employees, consolidated sales, and operating income and we support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. As for workplaces, business partners, and the communities in areas where we operate, we conduct business activities while addressing respect for the human rights of all people engaged in our work, whether directly or indirectly, as part of our code of conduct.
As a Group that conducts business throughout the world, we consider the respecting of human rights a business issue that should be addressed with priority. As such, we have established a company wide working group (WG) and discuss action plans, which include orientation, goals, and targets. The WG brings together the responsible parties in related business organizations, the discussed action plan is approved by the Executive Committee (chairperson: President), which the Board of Directors delegates authority to, and the plan is spread to all companies and organizations in the Group.
In response to the globalization of human rights risks, we provide training to managers and employees who travel to other countries.

For example, the purpose of the training for employees who travel to other countries is to help them understand the history, culture, and customs of different countries, respect others with whom they work, and develop the ability to think from different perspectives. In fiscal 2017, all 21 employees applicable for the training received it.
Once a year, there is also training for all Group employees on the responsibility of corporations to respect human rights through e-learning related to the corporate code of conduct.

Furthermore, in fiscal 2017, we were unable to confirm any complaints regarding human rights–related concerns in the grievance mechanism disclosed by the Group, and we will continue to work to prevent or reduce any negative impact on human rights. As for the impact that we have on parties outside the group organization for which sufficiently accurate information is difficult to obtain for our Group to report on at the current time, we will work to ascertain current conditions, which includes conducting research in the future on areas with high human rights risks.

Toyo Tire Group Code of Conduct

* Excerpt

15. Human Rights and Local Communities

We shall respect the human rights of people engaged in our business activities, local cultures, and customs.

  1. Respect Basic Human Rights
  • Regardless of internal or external, we respect human rights of all people involved in business.
  • We will cooperate with suppliers and others so that we will not violate human rights directly or indirectly.
  • We will not do disadvantageous, unequal measures for specific people under prejudice and prejudice.
  • We will hire and treat employees fairly.
  • We do not approve Forced Labor contrary to intention and Child Labor less than working age.
  1. Respect the culture and customs of each region
  • We will properly understand and respect the culture, customs, history, values, etc. of each region.