Priority Theme 4: Collaboration with Business Partners


  • Supply chain management (Society and Environment)

Stakeholders Affected by Our Activities

Directly:Business Partners, Local Communities
Indirectly:Shareholders and Investors, Creditors, Business Organizations

Reasons for being Priority Issues

We are aware that solving the various and increasingly diverse social issues through our business activities is the corporate responsibility of the Toyo Tire Group as well as our significance in society. In order to solve social issues, we share the Group’s thoughts on sustainable purchasing with business partners and position the avoidance of risk through collaboration and contributing to solving global social problems throughout the supply chain as issues what should be addressed with priority.


We formulated the Toyo Tire Group’s Basic Purchasing Policies in order to comply with laws and regulations related to free competition and fair transactions in every country and region as well as pursuing appropriate quality and price through fair transactions.
Toyo Tire Group CSR Procurement Guidelines were also established. We will promote sustainable purchasing in collaboration with business partners, the goal of which is to reduce, prevent, and minimize the negative impact that business activities have or could have on the environment or society and simultaneously raise corporate value and competitiveness. We will also secure stable supplies.
*"TOYO TIRE Group CSR Procurement Guidelines" were revised in November 2018, and entered into effect on January 2019 as the third edition. (Additional information in January 2019)

Toyo Tire Group Basic Purchasing Policies

  • Compliance
    Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and social norms and strictly maintain confidentiality in all purchasing activities.
  • Partnership
    Build and maintain an honest, healthy, and cooperative relationship with suppliers as equal partners.
    Aim for mutual growth and development through enhanced communication and stronger bonds of mutual trust.
  • Transparent and fair trade
    When selecting suppliers, assess them from a comprehensive standpoint that takes into account their willingness to share and collaborate on CSR initiatives as well as on quality, price, delivery, and sustainable supply capacity.
  • Environmental responsibility
    Promote purchasing activities that also aim to reduce impact to the global environment.

TOYO TIRE Group CSR Procurement Guidelines (Additional information in January 2019)

Ideal Status in 2020

Entire supply chain engaging in CSR activities


We share our sustainable purchasing policy with all business partners and efforts are made to ascertain conditions throughout the supply chain and conduct fair transactions.


Corporate Officer of Business Headquarters

Activity Promotion System

Activity Promotion System

Toyo Tire Group or one of our group companies belongs to the following trade associations:

Grievance Mechanism

  • Reporting Hotline (Creating an Internal Control System)…Targets: Employees, Business Partners
  • Customer Relations Department…Targets: Customers, Local Communities
  • Inquiry Form (on the Website)…Targets: Customers, Shareholders and Investors, NGOs
  • Consultation Desk for Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act…Targets: Employees

Activities in 2017