Priority Theme 1: Product and Service Reliability and Innovation


  • Ensuring product quality based on thorough customer orientation
  • Efforts to alleviate and adapt to climate change
  • Development of human resources with technical expertise

Stakeholders with impact

Directly: Customers, Business Partners (Car-Makers), Employees, Research Institutes
Indirectly: Shareholders and Investors, Creditors, Local Communities, NGOs, Business Organizations

Reasons for being Priority Issues

In order to enrich society by creating excitement and surprise with our products that exceed customer expectations, the Toyo Tire Group has positioned as priority issues both resolving environmental and social issues through our products and services and training human resources who can continue to respond to changes in the business environment and the customer needs.


The Toyo Tire Group states as its manufacturing principle that we will “strive for the highest level of quality, safety, and societal benefits in our products and services” and we will ascertain changes in market trends and customer needs in an accurate and timely manner, and promote product development through unique ideas and a drive to take on new challenges not influenced by conventional wisdom. At the research and development stage, we will support a precautionary approach towards environmental issues, and continue to develop products and services that reduce, prevent, and minimize the negative impact on the environment.
As for product quality and safety, we operate a quality management system based on ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 and have established risk countermeasures through foreseeing and predicting. Furthermore, our fundamental philosophy and action guidelines regarding product safety is clearly defined in the “Toyo Tire Group Product Safety Charter.”

Quality Management System Certification Status

  • ■ISO9001 (Certified by the end of May 2018)
    Production facilities in and outside of Japan: 15 sites
    Toyo Tire Group CO. LTD.: 3 sites
    Affiliated companies in Japan: 3 sites
    Affiliated companies outside of Japan: 9 sites
    Affiliated companies for sales (outside of Japan): 2 sites
  • ■ISO/TS16949 (Certified by the end of May 2018)
    Production facilities in and outside of Japan: 7 sites
    Toyo Tire Group CO. LTD.: 2 sites
    Affiliated companies in Japan: 1 sites
    Affiliated companies outside of Japan: 4 sites

Toyo Tire Group Product Safety Charter

1. Fundamental Philosophy
Throughout our corporate efforts to provide better movement and greater comfort, we provide even safer products to customers, consumers, and society, and contribute to the creation of a wealthy and abundant society.

2. Action Guidelines

  1. As an environment-creating corporation that seeks to make even more symbiotic relationships between people and the earth, Toyo Tire Group provides customers, consumers, and society with products and services that are trusted and safe.
  2. To assure the safety of products, Toyo Tire Group complies with the necessary internal rules and external laws, regulations, standards and guidelines, and based on conformity with them, seeks even higher product safety.
  3. Toyo Tire Group considers product safety from the stages of product planning, development and design, through to production, sales, and even after the end of use.
  4. Toyo Tire Group conducts education and awareness-raising concerning product safety for every employee layer and seeks to raise product safety consciousness.
  5. At Toyo Tire Group, in addition to informing and educating customers and consumers about methods of suitable use for products and misuse prevention, we listen earnestly to their opinions and desires and reflect them in our products as we pursue thorough product safety.

Ideal Status in 2020

Providing eco-friendly products and services founded on high quality and safety


As a quality improvement Goal, Through the product planning and production transfer preparation stages, which include logistics from material purchases through delivery of products to customers, we perform quality risk analysis (quality planning and quality design) for each value chain and are sure to reflect that in each project.
We will work to ascertain the state of their quality with a constant awareness of customer satisfaction by referring customer opinions of our products and services. Through the collaboration between the Production, Sales, Engineering, and other departments, we will work to make improvements in order to provide even higher quality products. We also push forward with efforts to improve current issues from various perspectives through personnel exchanges with all Group companies.
We will improve fuel efficiency, wear resistance, and safety in all product development activities, which are our goals in solving environmental and social issues through our products and services. We will also promote human resource training and personnel exchanges (research and technology), which support these technological innovations.


R&D:Corporate Officer of R&D Headquarters
Production Engineering:Corporate Officer of Fundamental Production Engineering Headquarters
Provision of products and services:Corporate Officer of Sales Headquarters
Quality Assurance:Corporate Officer of Quality Assurance, Environment & Safety Headquarters

Activity Promotion System



Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Toyo Tire Group or one of our group companies belongs to the following trade associations:

Grievance Mechanism

  • Reporting Hotline (Creating an Internal Control System)…Targets: Employees, Business Partners
  • Customer Relations Department…Targets: Customers, Local Communities
  • Inquiry Form (on the Website)…Targets: Customers, Shareholders and Investors, NGOs

In addition to responses that use the above as a point of contact, our Technical Service Department and the Group’s sales companies and distributors handle consultations and complaints related to products and services.

Main Resources

  • R&D expenditures: (Fiscal 2017) 10.943 billion yen * Of which, 1.073 billion yen is for basic research.
  • Expenses related to environmental protection during R&D: (Fiscal 2017) 545 million yen
  • Capital investments to streamline operations, improve quality, and reinforce production equipment: (Fiscal 2017) 22.381 billion yen
  • Technological research bases: 5 in Japan and 2 overseas (U.S. and Malaysia)

We are also moving forward with efforts to strengthen our R&D functions in Europe and have increased the number of employees in order to reinforce our information gathering since fiscal 2017. In fiscal 2018, we are striving to strengthen the Evaluation Department.
Furthermore, we conduct joint research with numerous universities and research institutions in order to solve environmental and social issues.

Activities in 2017